Vogue + Lu2019Oru00e9al Paris Colorista Hair Makeup

Cataanda J colored and styled the hair for the reveal of Lu2019Oru00e9al Paris 2019 Haircolor of the Year featured in Vogue magazine.

New Dark & Lovely Fade Resist Haircolor

Cataanda J was a part of the team of experts that tested the reformulation for Dark and Lovely haircolor, and colored the modelu2019s hair for the hair color boxes. This commercial was the reveal of the restage launch for the iconic haircolor brand.

Cataanda has been the featured expert across social media platforms for leading brands and retailers, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and e-commerce sites. When the world shifted to work from home in 2020, Lu2019Oru00e9al amped up their digital activations across all CPD brands with heavy education-based content. Cataanda was a regular feature expert for Garnieru2019s Haircolor Hotline, where she coached consumers via live video on how to color and care for their hair at home. She was part of the inaugural Lu2019Oru00e9al Parisu2019 team of experts that introduced Haircolor Concierge, a live at-home hair color session where she provided consumers with online tools and resources to help color with confidence and ensure beautiful color during salon closings. Cataanda frequently contributes her wealth of knowledge in multicultural hair care space. Retailers like Sally Beauty and CVS request Cataanda to share her expertise on their digital channels with their beauty advisors and consumers, educating on everything curls and coils including proper product selection, product application, and styling techniques.

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