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Cataanda’s talent and sense of setting trends are what have contributed to her longevity and success in the industry. She has always been an advocate for health before anything else. Whether it is regarding hair or skin, health is the foundation for a flawless canvas, and Cataanda’s work aims to foster it. This was groundbreaking in a time where extreme heat styling, relaxers, and harsh chemicals were the standard. She is always transparent about expectations of what is achievable with clients and advises options that ultimately promote a healthier alternative. Whether it is explaining a process to a client, demonstrating how a formula performs to chemists, or translating consumer needs to a brand – effective communication is the most important aspect of her method. Effective communication with an emphasis on comprehension is her goal. This adaptability has enabled Cataanda to breeze through with excellence many aspects of the beauty industry: behind the chair, retail, entertainment, and corporate. There is a delicate balance between following protocol while innovating. Cataanda is a poised innovator.

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Brand Ambassador & Spokesperson

Product Ideation, Development & Testing

Beauty & Lifestyle Influencer

Beauty Writer

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Brand And Market Research

Consumer Care Advisor

Community Management Liaison

Content Development & Copy Writing

Hair Designer and Makeup Artist

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